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You have to know these things about solvent traps

by stlurkerKevin on December 10, 2022

What is Solvent Trap?

Solvent Trap is a safe gun cleaning accessory. When a firearm is used for too long without proper cleaning, it can lead to loss of accuracy and even affect the life of the firearm. Regular cleaning of firearms helps improve safety, reliability, and performance in use. The solvent trap captures the fluid used to clean the rifle and/or pistol, making the cleaning process more efficient. The solvent trap comes with a variety of sizes of female threaded ends as an accessory that can be attached directly to the end of the barrel. For example, the 1/2x28 solvent trap can be used directly on 9mm, .22LR, and 5.56 NATO calibers, and the 5/8x28 solvent trap can be used to clean larger .30 Cal firearms. There are other THREADS such as. 578x28, 9/16x24, 13.5x1LH, and other threads as well. For more details on each barrel, please refer to the THREAD PITCH ADAPTER GUIDE at stlurker.com.


Types of Solvent trap

The solvent trap has been on the market for a long time. No longer a modified nut at the time, it simply had an oil filter attached to the bottom of the gun to trap the liquid.


Classification according to Solvent Trap type.

Modular Solvent Traps

    Modular Solvent Traps are one of the more popular ones on the market today. Famous for its high degree of freedom and modularity, it can be customized in length to suit the user's needs and to achieve different results. The industry standard for Modular Solvent Traps is 1.375x24 thread per modular thread, mostly with 1/2x28 female threaded end or 5/8x24 female threaded end, or both.


    Monocore Solvent Traps

      Monocore Solvent Traps are generally composed of a single tube and a single core. Most are available in sizes 6inch, 10inch, and 12inch, and most are equipped with a 1/2x28 female threaded end or a 5/8x24 female threaded end. If other types of female threaded ends are required, a different adapter will need to be purchased separately. These solvent traps are generally easy to use and affordable. For those starting, consider Monocore Solvent Traps.


      Solvent Trap Tube Kit.

        Solvent Trap Tube Kit combines the advantages of Modular Solvent Trap and Monocore solvent trap. The shape is one tube, and the tube contains various types of cups, each of which is closely matched to the other. Thus, the best results are achieved. The interesting thing is that different cups play different effects. Some of the more popular ones on the market are K Cup solvent trap, CNC Cup solvent trap, Skirted Cup solvent trap, Radial Cup solvent trap, Hybrid Solvent Trap, etc.


        Others Solvent Trap Parts

          Solvent Trap Parts include booster, adapter, and Jig. Booster's thread is generally 1.1875x24 (1-3/16x24) thread and can be used with 1.375x24 to 1.1875x24 (1-3/16x24) thread's adapter to Modular Solvent Trap. The solvent trap can be used with a jig to develop different usage methods.


          Material classification according to Solvent Trap.

          Aluminum Solvent Trap

            7075 aluminum is often used in the aerospace industry because of its low price, high durability, and good corrosion resistance. The Aluminum Solvent trap is cheap and lightweight and is a must-have for many people just starting to use a solvent trap.

            Stainless Steel Solvent Trap

              Stainless Steel Solvent Trap is much more durable than Aluminum Solvent traps. Especially 304 stainless steel, which is more expensive than an aluminum solvent trap. 304 Stainless Steel Solvent Trap is resistant to high temperatures and has good processing properties and high toughness. But the only disadvantage is that it is heavier than aluminum.

              Titanium Solvent Trap

                The best material for Solvent Trap. In particular, GR5 Titanium Solvent Trap has all the advantages of the Aluminum Solvent Trap and Stainless Steel Solvent Trap. It has high-temperature resistance, good workability, high toughness, good corrosion resistance, and is lighter than Stainless Steel. It is the best choice among all materials. Therefore, the price of the Titanium Solvent Trap is one of the most expensive of the three.

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